The Best Pumpkin or Apple Preserves


Last year I became obsessed with pumpkin and apple butters.  If you follow the blog, you may have noticed my main theme of the year is fermenting any and everything.  I wanted to take my beloved butters and add additional health benefits in the form of probiotics.  Check out the “Fabulous Ferments” section on the recipe page if you need some inspiration and to check out my other happy belly recipes.

You can make this recipe with either pumpkin, apples, or my favourite; a combination of both.  The pumpkins are interchangeable with any type of squash.  I often use acorn, delicata, or any orange fleshed squash and it works beautifully.  You can roast the apples or pumpkin before smothering in honey, if you prefer.  Use what you have and/or is available organically to you.

Flavoured with rich, warming spices this is perfect fall food.  Use these stirred into oatmeal, over ice-creams or blend and spread over toast or strain and use the fruit as the filling for an incredible apple or pumpkin pie.

The measurements for this are up to you.  Make as large or small batch as you need.

The Best Pumpkin or Apple Preserves:

– apples or sugar pumpkin, peeled and cubed into bite sized pieces (a variation is to roast the apples and pumpkin before proceeding)

– honey DSC_0806

– cinnamon

– tumeric

– cloves

– nutmeg

Place the cubed apples and/or
pumpkin in your container of choice.  Add honey to the jar to cover the apples/pumpkins.  They need to be covered, but not fully submerged.

Add you spices to taste (I usually go heavy on the cinnamon and add a pinch of everything else).  Stir.  Close the lid.  Place the jar on a plate to catch any drips. Reserve to a dark place (a cupboard works great).  If you remember, flip the jar once or twice a day to ensure that all of the apples/pumpkin are coated with the honey.  After 2 days check the ferment.  The fruit should have softened and released it’s liquid into the honey creating a delicious, syrupy sauce.  If you prefer a silky smooth butter-type texture, blend or puree your mixture. Either way, after 2 days move to the fridge where the ferment will last happily in the fridge.  I have been known to pull it out and eat by the spoonful 😉

Enjoy ❤ ❤


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