Salsa Roja for Canning


The canning frenzy continues with a Latin American inspired recipe ❤  This Salvadoran salsa is traditionally served with pupusas and curtido, but I also serve it with tortilla chips, mixed with broth to be used as a base for soups and chilis, as an an enchilada sauce, or anywhere you use salsa (smothering beans and rice, over scrambled free range eggs, drizzled over a taco salad, used as a dip for veggies).  In contrast with my fermented salsa recipe, this is a simple cooked recipe.  This year I did big batches of both as I love them equally. Once you taste this sauce you will be inspired to use it in a variety of ways, it is so good!

This recipe makes about 1 quart.  Multiply as needed.

Salsa Roja: 

– 1/4 cup avocado or extra virgin olive oil

– 4 cups of chopped tomatoes

– 1 onion

– 2 cloves garlic

– 1-3 (depending on how spicy you like it!) serrano, jalepeño, chipotle, or poblano peppers

– 1 Tablespoon dried oregano (try and find Mexican oregano if possible)

– 1 teaspoon dried chipotle chili powder (optional)

Heat oil in a large saucepan over medium heat.  Add all other ingredients to your blender or food processor.  Blend until smooth.  Add tomato mixture to the pan with the oil in it.  Bring to just under a boil.  Reduce heat to medium low and simmer until sauce is thickened (about 20 minutes).  Stir occasionally to prevent sauce from sticking to the bottom.  Taste.  Add salt and pepper to taste.  Once desired thickness is achieved remove from heat.  Allow to cool for a few moments while you chop:

– 1 cup of cilantro, stems and leaves (you can reduce or increase this amount-I always double it! or substitute with parsley if you are not a cilantro fan)

Add cilantro to your sauce.  Either serve immediately, store in the fridge for short term use, or can.  To can:

Ladle sauce into sterilized (either by running through the dishwasher, or setting in boiling water for a few moments) mason jars, leaving 1 inch of head space.  Screw lids on jars.  Boil the jars in your water bath canner or a large pot for 40 minutes.  Carefully remove the jars and allow to cool.  Once cool, ensure they are sealed by pressing on the centre of the lid.  It should be firm and not “pop” back and forth.  Once canned, sauce will last the year.

Enjoy ❤ ❤


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  1. Mmmmmmmmmm (though I realise I shouldn’t be reading your posts on the day of my #ifastforclimate fast — to tempting 🙂

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