Raw Vegan Strawberry Banana Ice-Cream


Baby, it’s hot outside! This post is short and sweet, just like the recipe.  There’s not much to say about this treat, other than it’s delicious! I am loving all variations on the banana ice-cream and this is an old favourite.

Raw Vegan Strawberry Banana Ice-Cream: (serves 1)

– 2 frozen bananas

– 1 handful (about 1 cup) frozen organic strawberries

– 2 dates

Blend or process in the food processor until combined and resembles soft serve ice-cream.

Note: If you don’t have any dates on hand, you can substitute with a spoonful of either coconut sugar or raw honey 🙂

Enjoy ❤ ❤

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6 Responses to Raw Vegan Strawberry Banana Ice-Cream

  1. icookandcode says:

    Do I need an ice cream maker to make this? Also can I put two bananas in the freezer the night before? Should I peel them?

    • Megatarian says:

      Thanks for connecting! You don’t need an ice-cream maker to make this, but you will need a blender or a food processor. Yes, you can put your bananas in the freezer the night before. I usually keep frozen bananas in the freezer so I can make this at anytime. Before you freeze them you need to peel the bananas and slice them into chunks (about 4 chunks per banana), just to make it a little easier on the blender/food processor. If you have extra bananas you can store them in ziploc bags in the freezer after peeling and slicing. I hope this helps! Let me know if you try the recipe 🙂

  2. icookandcode says:

    I tried this last night. It came out too “watered down.” I think I either:

    1. I did not freeze the fruit long enough, I used bananas and whole strawberries that I froze for 2 hours in the freezer.
    2. I blended it for too long (probably not the issue though as 1 seems more likely)

    • Megatarian says:

      That has happened to me before as well. It is because the fruit wasn’t frozen enough. It needs to be frozen totally rock hard solid. I know it’s hard to wait when you just want something yummy! Try it again, freezing the bananas and strawberries overnight and I guarantee it will turn out much better 🙂

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